Artists from around the world have descended on Grazie di Curtatone for the 40th anniversary of Incontro Nazionale dei Madonnari.  The festival opened with a street parade reflecting the medieval history of the region followed by an airshow and skydivers parachuting into the piazza delivering chalk to the Bishop to bless and distribute to the artists. The Mayor and other dignatories were also present and journalists and photographers from around the world are here to capture every moment.

The atmosphere in the piazza heated up as the competition began.  Literally thousands of people have come to see the artists at work.  Thankfully the temperature has cooled and there is no rain in sight.

Australia’s Jenny McCracken is doing well but has a long way to go yet!  The talent pool is incredible – we’ve met and interviewed many artists from Japan, Mexico, USA, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Columbia, Peru and Italy.  While the artists work, the festival organisers from are discussing exchange programs and further opportunities for these fabulous people to take their art to the people all around the world.   

We’ll provide a further update and keep you up to date with the progress of the artists in a few hours…