Well over a hundred thousand people visited Sarasota Chalk Festival this year, I was one of the lucky ones to experience the festival from start to finish and see international chalk artists, street painters and graff artists produce magnificent works of art.  Having taken a sabbatical from Chalk Urban Art Festival to experience other festivals and explore international opportunities I am really glad I included Sarasota on my list this year.Sarasota Chalk Festival has a great program that attracts people from far and wide. In addition to the artworks there was great music, spectacular circus performances, artist talks including a lecture by Master Artist Kurt Wenner (my next blog will be about this) and a performance by Dance Fuzion on Kurt Wenner’s 3D artwork.  My own program was very full when I included  local attractions (Lido Beach, Siesta Key, Ringling Museum).   

When directing Chalk Urban Art Festival it’s all go, go, go; visiting Sarasota Chalk Festival I seized the opportunity to experience it from all different angles – volunteer, visitor and this may surprise you…chalk artist!  Experiencing the festival from all angles was brilliant, I was able to step back and be objective and think about it in relation to our festival.  I met many people , brainstormed ideas and have started the ground work for new plans for Chalk Urban Art Festival.  Being an artist at the event, well that was fabulous, receiving affirmations from visitors to the festival had me on a high each evening that made the body aches and pains disappear.  

Hats off to Denise Kowal and her strong team of volunteers.  While the artists are the stars of the show and are totally inspirational, without the unsung heroes behind the scenes on this event and other chalk festivals around the world it would not exist at all.  I’m looking forward to Chalk Urban Art Festival working with Sarasota Chalk Festival in the future.

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