A fellow member of my book club recently rented a copy of our CHALK DVD from Moreland City Libraries and after viewing it, she took the time to write to me and tell me how much she enjoyed it.

Her comments took me back to the time I was first introduced to the world of pavement art, and the wonder that chalk art can create.

“I have often marvelled at footpath chalk artists when I saw them at work in the CBD, but had little appreciation, other than as a ‘passer-by’ of the big story behind their work” she explained, “The DVD took me from Hope Street Brunswick (literally around the corner from home) to that unique festival in Italy – and as I met Jenny, Anton and the other artists, I learned so much about their talent and decades of commitment to their art. The DVD was fantastic in every way and took my understanding to an altogether new level”.

It’s 5 years since Jenny McCracken and Anton Pulvirenti travelled to Lombardy to compete in the Incontro Nazionale dei Madonnari, the world’s most influential and gruelling pavement art competition and I’ve been fondly remembering that journey as I watched the artists participating in this years competition.  Since then our documentary has screened on TV in Australia, UK, NZ and around the world on Qantas.

Now you can own your own copy and relive the journey with us, and learn more about the intense and intricate world of street art (it comes ‘Highly Recommended” by Mary!).

For more information and to view the DVD trailer click this link or for more info about our chalk artists head to the Zest website.

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