Bongiorno!  This morning we’re in Maderno for the 2nd annual street painting festival for the feast day of Saint Ercolano.  Ten Madonnari have been commissioned by Commune Toscalano Maderno (the local Council) to take part in this festival.

The surface here is definitely not ideal, cobblestones and brick pavers.  The less experience artists will work on work on wooden boards, the traditional street painters will work directly on to the ground.

Rather than designing or choosing his own work, Bernardo has been given an image to replicate.  He and the other artists will have until 7pm tonight to complete their works, after which their will be a feast and then a presentation of awards.

The Madonnari are all feverishly preparing, the air is still reasonably cool but warming by the hour.  By lunch time the sun will be scorching.