We are in Grazie!  The Australian delegation are the first to arrive in Grazie di Curtatone and have been warmly welcomed by the organisers of the festival and the residents of this tiny town.  We are all extremely excited to be here.  

Jenny has been quick to get out and assess the surface she’ll be working on.  The ground is stained with the remains of artworks from last year.  In some areas the ground is badly cracked, in others splotches of tar mark the space.  Fingers crossed she’ll have a good space to work on.  

While Jenny prepares, we’re filming and lining up our interviews, we will visit the Street Painting Museum and Church this afternoon.  This evening there will be a gathering of Madonnari and a memorial service in honour of Toto, a very popular artist who passed away last year.  The next few days are going to be very interesting.