Sitting at the airport, waiting to board my flight.  Italy here I come!  Bernardo von Hessberg, the man who challenged me to start a pavement art festival in Australia will be waiting in Milan.  After nearly 30 hours of travel from Sydney through Dubai to Milan, I’m glad he’ll be there to pick up the pieces. 

I called Bernardo to let him know I’m on my way and he warned me that that it’s boiling hot – they’ve had the 3 hottest days this Summer and there’s no sign of the weather cooling down.  It will be a welcome change from the Australian winter but how hot is hot?  Sounds good now but I can’t help thinking about Kurt Wenner telling us the ground gets so hot at Grazie the bitumen starts to melt during the competition.  I’m going to check out the lay of the land before Jenny arrives on Saturday and give her an update before she heads over.  

So farewell Australia, next stop Dubai!