The temperatures and humidity are set to soar tomorrow, artists from all over the world are arriving and registering for tomorrow’s competition.  The pavements have been swept, cracks from the recent earthquakes are being filled and many espressos are being consumed as artists nervously examine their allotted spaces and make their preparations.

I suspect Jenny will be up late tonight finalising her designs.  The more preparation, the easier it will be on site for her.  While she has 24 hours to complete her design, the heat and potential rain could dramatically cut down her time.

Today was an important day for Festival Organisers from around the world.  I represented Australia at the International meeting of Street Painting / Pavement Art Festivals.  Organisers from Italy, Holland, Germany, Mexico, USA, Peru  also attended.  There was much discussion about the respect for the Madonnari and maintaining traditions as well as funding and government relations.  

40 years ago in Grazie, 5 artists were brought together, the intention was to document these last living artists and their work.  Pavement art was a vanishing art form, the gathering wasn’t designed to be an on-going event, it morphed into that.  Tomorrow 146 artists will participate, around the world over dozens of festivals are now held.  As a result of the meeting an international association will be set up to enhance the future of the art form.  It is great to be part of such an important page of art history.  More news tomorrow!